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Duck Fajita's
Submitted By:  Scott Wilson an avid waterfowl hunter.
Company: Best Shot Insurance
Web site: www.bestshotinsurance.com

While this recipe is not hard or really earth shattering, it is simple and when prepared accordingly, you will fine those not hip on wild game taste even enjoying.  I have cooked it several times in the past month and even told them it was duck prior to them tasting it.  Only to find the plate empty and hearing them say that was good!

Prepare 4 breast of duck, by marinating them over night in a bowl of milk and 2 spoonfuls of garlic.

Cut your duck breast  into 1/8 strips and season them with Lowery's seasoning salt, pepper and garlic salt.  Let stand for 15 minutes to soak in.

Grab your skillet and place a 1/2 sick of butter and place on medium heat.  Allow butter to melt then place duck strips into skillet.  After about 2 minutes of cooking your duck, I advise you add your choice of veggie's.  I like your usual, green pepper (1), onion (1), and red pepper (1).  Note:  I usually cut the veggie's at the same time I cut the duck up and I season it as well and let it sit at room temp.  I sprinkle the Lowery's Seasoning, pepper, and garlic salt on it as well.  Cooking times may vary, but usually around 10-12 minutes tops - when my onions are shrunken and carmel in color I know my duck is just right.

Key, is to serve while hot.  So while cooking your duck, prepare your table with your sour cream, cheese, salsa, fajita's, etc..... 

4 duck breasts will make about 6 fajita's.

I hope you enjoy this simple meal, but yet one that even those that are not to sure of eating wild duck will enjoy.

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