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Duck Jambalaya
Submitted By:  Larry Murphy
Company: Murphy Outdoors
Web site: www.MurphyOutdoors.com

I buy Zatarans Jambalaya mix with cheese, this time I used 2 boxes.  Also, have a box of  Uncle Benís rice ready.  You'll also need flour, oil for frying, salt, pepper, and some shake-on hot sauce (red or green).  My dad, son, and a good friend shot a limit of ducks, so I had enough duck meat to make a double batch. 

I soak the duck in salt water for a day in the fridge after cleaing (whole breasts).  After that, I rinse it off and then cut it into small cubes (like 1" x 1" or smaller).  I cut the membrane off the breast side of the duck before cubing.  As I cube it up, I look for shot or bloody spots and discard those parts of the breast.  Since this is a double batch, I used 6 or 8 of the ducks we shot with the 2 boxes of Zatarans mix.  To make a single batch (one box of mix), then use 3 or 4 ducks (x2 breasts) is plenty.

Once cut into cubes, soak the duck in milk for about 20 minutes, more is OK.  Roll them in flour, then fry them on a medium to high heat.  Put a little salt and pepper over the meat as it fries.  When they are golden brown, put them on a plate with some paper towels to soak up the grease, and set aside. 

Once the duck is done, I follow the recipe on the back of the Zataranís box to make the Jambalaya.  I added 1 cup of Uncle Benís rice, plus the amount of water noted on that box, to make more rice.  Once everything is in a covered pot and is about to boil, I mix in the fried duck pieces.  The whole thing then simmers as the rice cooks, something like 20 minutes, in a covered pot on the stove. 

After itís pretty much cooked, I shake on some hot sauce to spice it up a little.  I added more salt, and a little pepper, as I tasted it on the stove. 


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