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A Rainbow Trout Recipe
Submitted By:  Gary McBride


A Rainbow Trout Recipe

from Gary McBride

   I wrote an article recently about an early morning trout fishing trip on the Norfolk River with Jim Brentlinger www.lingersguideservice.com and my son Steve. We had alot of success and kept some nice Rainbows for dinner that evening. My brother-in-law Larry Wright is the cook of the family and had decided on a recipe for the trout. After removing the heads and tails he cleaned the cavity throughly and rubbed it with olive oil. Then he salt and peppered it heavily and placed lemon wedeges in the cavily. He has a basket/rack that he placed the trout in and placed on a very hot charcoal fire. He grilled the trout until the skin started to pull away from the fish on each side (several minutes) and removed from the grill for dinner. The trout just mealted in my mouth. They were excellent. Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it.

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