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Grilled Fish....
Submitted By:  Larry Murphy
Company: Murphy Outdoors
Web site: http://www.murphyoutdoors.com

OK, I'm just like you, I love fried foods!  Growing up my family liked to keep crappie, white bass, trout, walleye (when we could catch them) and a black bass here and there.  We always cooked it the same way, breaded and pan fried.  It was good, but I needed a change.  I have experimented with several different seasonings, spices, and have come up with a really simple, tasty, and easy to clean-up way of grilling fish.  The next time you have fresh fish, give this a try!

You'll need....

  • A fish grill (it's just a small flat metal pan with little holes in it that you set on the grate of your outdoor cooker).  I got mine at a local hardware store that sells BBQ supplies
  • Spray oil....Pam for the grill works well
  • Olive oil....I buy the big bottle at Sam's
  • Cajun seasoning....I like the Cajun Classiques all purpose stuff
  • Garlic powder....about any kind 
  • Seasoned salt....here's my SECRET!  The next time you are going to Truman, or are near Warsaw, stop by the Chuck Wagon BBQ restaurant and buy a bottle of their seasoned salt.  It's the best!  If you don't have that, Lowry's is a reasonable substitute, but Chuck Wagon is way better.

To prepare....

  • In a flat metal pan lay out your fish filets and coat the filets with the olive oil.  Don't skimp, go ahead and pour it over the filets.
  • Sprinkle the cajun seasoning, garlic powder, and seasoned salt lightly over each filet.  The olive oil will grab the seasoning as you sprinkle it on.  Don't use too much seasoned salt, just lightly sprinkle.
  • Flip each filet and repeat the seasoning on the other side.  There's usually enough olive oil in the pan when you flip the filets that you don't need to add much more, but add some if the filets aren't covered with the oil.
  • Start your grill and get it hot, 400+ is fine.
  • Spray the fish grill with Pam, put it on the grill grates and let it heat up.
  • Once the fish grill is hot, put the prepared filets on your fish grill.
  • Since the filets I cook are usually pretty thin, like under a 1/2", they cook really fast.  Don't over cook them!  Usually about 2 minutes on each side is plenty. 
  • Consider cooking just a couple pieces first to get the timing down.  The filets should be flaky, yet still moist in the center.  Cooking a couple pieces also gives the "griller" something to snack on while you cook the rest of the filets.  After all, cooking is hard work, so you need to keep up your strenght.

I've used this recipe on trout, crappie, white bass, swordfish, and grouper.  My favorite is grilled trout filets, but all of them are good!  Let me know if you try this recipe.  Also, I'd really recommend you getting some of the Chuck Wagon!  It's a great rub for steaks as well.

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