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Brownie Pie
Submitted By:  Theodosia Marina on Bull Shoals Lake
Company: Cookies Restaurant

One cup Chocolate Chips  -  One Fourth cup Oleo 
Melt together in the Microwave. 

Three Fourths Cup Bisquick -sifted ..........Two Eggs 
One half tsp. vanilla......... One can EAGLE BRAND MILK 
One fourth cup pecans Ice Cream, Whipping Cream, Fudge Topping and a cherry 

Combine all ingredients and pour into one pie shell that has been baked for about eight minutes. Top with one fourth cup pecans and bake for one hour at 300 degrees............... Serve warm. Cover with fudge topping and ice cream. Top with whipped cream and a cherry. 

Editor's footnote: There is no caloric count on this. Just simply enjoy.
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