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Crock Pot Venison
Submitted By:  Rich McGowan - rmcgowa1@us.ibm.com

Put in any amount of venison that will fit in a crock pot, it doesn't matter about the cuts, everything from stew meat to roasts.  Add 6 bullion cubes

Let it cook for about 10 hours and the longer it cooks the more tender it gets. Just make sure meat is totally covered with the water. Six beef bullion cubes works good for us but you can vary the number to taste.  

Also, we salt and pepper after it's done. Any vegetables can be added before the end of cooking time if desired so they are not overcooked. We normally just cook them separate because we have several meals from one "load" of "beef venison". 

We also shred it and put barbeque sauce on it and it makes killer sandwiches. We are going to try putting ground in the crockpot and when it's done, draining the water well and adding chili makings as usual. We will try it and let you know how it turns out. 

The best thing to do is experiment with it especially if there is someone in the house who doesn't like venison. I usually have to ask if it is venison or beef, it's that good! For us, the really important part is that now we can both enjoy our harvest to the fullest. If we aren't going to eat it we don't shoot it. 

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