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Why I always carry two lights in the woods?
Submitted By: Joe Antonacci

Sometimes I get the question, so why do you wear a Streamlight headlamp, but also carry one of their flashlights?  Is it because you fear one will fail and you need a back up?  No, not really....I check my batteries quite often during the course of the season to insure I will have a light available when I need it.  I carry two lights because I sometimes use one as a beacon.  If I harvest an animal in the evening and have to leave it for any reason in the woods to return to the cabin for a cart or seek help in dragging it out. I leave one of the lights ON  in a tree over the animal.  This year I shot a doe at dusk, quite a distance from our cabin.  I tagged her, loaded up all my gear, strapped on a pull belt, and began my jaunt back to the cabin.  The ground was soaked and with these wet conditions, it wasn't long before my boots felt like cement shoes.  I was bushed, so after hanging my StreamLight in the nearest tree over the deer, pointing towards the cabin, I headed back to solicit reinforcements.  After warming up, cleaning off my boots, and feeling rejuvenated, I headed back to my doe.  The light was bright and constant, allowing us to walk directly to it. even in dense woods and in the dead of night.  No lost time roaming around in the woods hoping you marked a tree you could recognize!

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