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Placement of Mineral Lick Sites
Submitted By: Jason Buell

  The first thing I do is my homework. I find a good travel route from bedding areas to water and food sources. I make a lick site in wooded areas about two feet from a main trail or a well used trail. To make the mineral site, work up the soil with a shovel. Dig down three inches or so and three feet in diameter. Once the hole is made pour in the mineral evenly and on the outside. When it rains the water will do the rest of the work for you by desaulving the granules in the soil. A mineral lick site should be refreshed every year at least three to five times. I will start replenishing a site as early as March. The mineral I use is Vita-Rack 26 Lick Site by Hunters Specialties. Vita-Rack helps with bone and antler development and controls ticks to maintain healthier immune systems for a deer heard.

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