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Preparing for Waterfowl Season
Submitted By: Jarod Plybon


As fall is rapidly approaching us in the Midwest, itís time to start preparing for waterfowl season. I have a three stage approach to preparing my waterfowl gear for the upcoming season.

 First is the ďgatheringĒ stage.  For me this consists of finding everything from calls, waders, and clothing, to decoys and blinds that have been neglected or shoved aside in the garage for the summer.

Once Iíve located all my gear I start the second stage which is the ďcleaningĒ stage. For me this means getting dirty. I wash all of my decoys, clean out my blind bags and wash all of my clothing. I also get the boat cleaned out and make sure itís ready to go.

After all that is done I start the ďrepairingĒ stage. At this point Iíve found all my gear, got it cleaned up and probably found things that need to be repaired.

 I start with my waders. I check them for visible damage and then for leaks with a flashlight in a dark room.

Usually my decoys need a lot of attention at the beginning of the season. I check all of them for cracks, peeling paint and holes that might have been put there by my buddies who arenít the best shots.

I inspect all of the cords and weights also, usually I find some that need replaced. I check my motion wing decoys to make sure there still spinning true. I charge the batteries to see if they will hold a charge also.

 Now comes the fourth stageÖ The one I didnít mention, ďWaitingĒ. Now that all your gear is ready, all you have to do is wait for opening day.  


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