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Submitted By: Thomas Wells

Just a quick tip to share,

Many people hunt out of layout blinds to hide from late season waterfowl.  One thing I am strict about is grassing the blinds.  Most hunters do a great job of covering the tops of their blinds and shoving grass/stalks in the many stubble straps that come on the blind, but few take time to cover the bases.  The base on the blind can be a dead giveaway to incoming fowl.  If the base isn't covered, an outline will show all the way around the blind from any angle.  As a last step in grassing my blinds, I will sprinkle grass around the base to help hide my blind's outline.  Then, to make sure the grass stays, I make it a habit to always enter and exit from the same spot on my blind.  Also while standing up chatting and waiting for the birds, make sure you aren't ruining all the cover around the blind(s)!!!

Good Luck,



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