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Using decoys
Submitted By: Brian Gailis

  A number of years ago Jason Klump and I decided to add a new dimension to our archery hunts by trying deer decoys. I was hooked on decoys the morning I rattled in a great buck and arrowed him as he was preoccupied with smashing the decoy to pieces.   We now use decoys every year but have learned alot from trial and alot of error!   The advice we have on using decoys is not from books we have read or seminars we attended. It is from in the field use and observations.  When it comes to deciding on a buck or doe decoy the answer is simple for us. We only use doe decoys during the actual breeding times, any other time we use a buck decoy.  The reason for this is that those does, especially the mature does, will walk right past a buck decoy without a second look. But if she sees an unfamiliar doe along her route she will go on high alert, more than likely stomping and blowing and making your day miserable. The only time we risk this is when the doe groups are split up by the bucks running crazy. Reference decoy placement, we keep the decoy within 20 yards of our stands and have observed that bucks approach buck decoys from the front and doe decoys from the rear.  This season give decoys a try and I am sure you will have some exciting experiences.

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