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SCHNABLE...The Ole Duck Hunter

SCHNABLE...The Ole Duck Hunter

The weather here has been up and down etc. One day its windy ,sunny,and in the sixty's. Two days later sub teens with sleet and light snow. This causes a hunter to change his approach to say the least.Last week ,late,the weather froze most all the ponds and was extending the ice into the upper reaches of the feeder streams(where the food plots are located). Early one morning I started up the POND FORK in the Theodosia arm of Bull Shoals to look for feeding puddle ducks. As I turned a short arm point I observed diving ducks swinging in and out and disappearing around the bend . As I approached the other side of the point I flushed a large group of divers that had landed in order to get out of the strong winds.I did not see any puddle ducks but did observed some RED HEADS in the leaving group.I needed a Red Head for my son to mount for his trophy wall. So I decided to stay. About 35 minutes later I retrieved a Golden Eye and that filed my limit. I did not get the Red Head I was after. My limit consisted of three mergansers,two golden eyes,and a Buffle head.Not exactly what I was after but a lot of fun and fast shooting. I do not care to eat diving ducks but did know a couple of families that did.Alls well that ends well.
Two days later I again went up the POND FORK in searched of puddle ducks that would be feeding in the now ice free food plots. They were there as I had expected. I flushed most of them when I approached but knew they would return shortly. About an hour later I was picking up the last bird that completed my hunt. I finished with two Mallards,three Gad walls,and a Wigeon. Its a beautiful thing when your plan works.The late end of the South Zone in Missouri is looking good ! Come join me.   DJS  SCE

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