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SCHNABLE The Ole Duck Hunter

Subject: SCHNABLE....The Ole Duck Hunter

After five days of super unseasonably warm weather the traditional Blind hunting has slowed to almost zero. Therefore jump shooting is the only sensible way to approach the issue in order to bag some ducks and geese.
The geese in our area are feeding in the Corp Camp grounds and certain farm lakes and fields. First of all please be aware that the camp grounds are open to hunting and closed to camping but we advise you to check before hunting for occupants to be on the safe side.

The next is field hunting on private property. It is essential to obtain permission before entering private property. The best way to assure this is to do your "homework" in advance. I have found that when talking to the landowner I assure them I am only interested in waterfowl not Deer,Turkey etc. Then I give them a copy of my Identification. I also advise them that I am willing to pay them for a right to hunt.(In this day and age money speaks more than ever!!) The following year I personally bring a Christmas present to each and every landowner that gave me permission to hunt.

On this day I had the pleasure of hunting with my youngest son ,Jim. Hunting was tough but we did bag a few ducks(no Geese). However even though we were short the limit of birds we both considered it a great day. As Jim would say,"How can you really enjoy a limit day,if you haven't experienced coming up short of your limit on occasions? (Smart kid! Takes after his ole man!)

Jim decided not to have his photo taken because he is wanted in another jurisdiction. Just joking! Anyway after the evening meal we settle down with two of our closet friends, Jack Daniels & Mr.Coke and settled the rest of the worlds problems. ALL AND ALL A GOOD DAY!!!!

DJS SCE The Ole Duck Hunter

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