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SCHNABLE...Ole Duck Hunter

Subject: SCHNABLE... The Ole Duck Hunter

Subject: The Ole Duck Hunter

Warm weather moved into our area three days ago. Nice for some outdoor activities but it does slow the movement of waterfowl. When this happens the first light hunting ,when the temperature is at its lowest, is always the best for bird movement and feeding.

Today my son David and I experienced this common hunting experience. After about two hours of watching a few flocks trading back and forth and only shooting three green heads Dave made the recommendation that we move from spot to spot and "jump shoot".

After living thirty years in my present home I have acquired permission to hunt small ponds on private property. A couple of hours of "jump shooting" Dave and I had our birds and returned home for breakfast and possibly some trout fishing.


Anyone interested in getting in on some of the action please contact me at the number listed below. DJS

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