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SCHNABLE.. The Ole Duck Hunter

Subject: The Ole Duck Hunter
Another weather change for the midwest. So what's new? After three cold days with heavy frost the temperature was again  in the 50s . As in the past this will trigger a feeding frenzy for puddle ducks in particular.
With this in mind one of my hunting companions Steve Tricket decided to hit a feeding area that was surrounded by Oak trees that were dropping acorns (a favorite mallard high energy food).We decided to wait until late in the day in order to make sure any of the left over ice had melted. Our strategy paid off. In about twenty five minutes off shooting we were picking up two limits of birds and headed home to have a couple of RED cans in celebration. Below is photo of Steve with some of his birds.
Anyone interested in getting in on some of the action please contact me at the number listed below.   DJS

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