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Choosing The Right Color


Choosing The Right Crankbait Color


Have you wondered what crankbait or crankbait color you should throw? In this article I am going to talk about different crankbait colors you will need for you next fishing trip.


First I am going to talk about crankbait colors and what conditions you should throw different colors in.

Dirty Water 6” Or Less- Chartreuse colors are best for dirty water; there a ton of chartreuse colors out there. I like to go with chartreuse colors that are not to sparkly, but more plain and kind of faded. For example IMA Lures “babe blue chartreuse” color in their Roumba model. Other companies have the same type of chartreuse color just another name just go to your local shop and they will have a color similar to IMA’S. Fire tiger are also good for this water clarity, just like choosing the chartreuse color try and get the colors that are not to sparkly.

Stained Water 3’ To 6”- For stained water it just depends on the conditions you are fishing that day and what lake you are on. If it is sunny always try the chartreuse and fire tiger first and more natural colors second. If it is cloudy try the natural colors first and the chartreuse and fire tiger second. For the natural colors I like to throw IMA Lures “baby bass, albino, bluegill, gizzard shad, hot craw, or real crawfish” colors in their Roumba model. For the natural colors try and match what the fish are feeding on at the time. For example if the fish are feeding on crawfish, try the hot craw or the real crawfish colors. If they are feeding on shad, baby bass, or bluegill, try the baby bass, bluegill, gizzard shad, or albino. With this water clarity just remember to match the hatch and pay attention if it is cloudy or sunny outside the day you are on the water.

Clear Water 3’ or more- For clear water the best colors to throw are your more natural colors like I talked about before. Chartreuse and fire tiger will work fairly well if the water clarity is 6’ or less just depending on the weather conditions and lake. When the water clarity is over 6’ the chartreuse and fire tiger are less likely to work but from time to time they will work.

If you are trying to figure out what the bass are biting on the lake fish, the best way is to check in the mouth of every fish you catch. If you check every fish’s mouth in some of them you see either crawfish, shad, or bluegill and that will help you decide what color to throw. Finding the right color that will catch the fish can take some time out on the water trying different colors, just follow the guidelines in this article and it will help in the process. I hope this article helps you find the color and catch more bass for you.

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