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   After weeks of scouting and trying to figure out the daily patterns of the turkey flock on a beautiful piece of St. Louis County real estate, My 13 year old son Justin and I felt very confident in the placement of our Double Bull blind. It was opening morning of the 2012 Missouri youth turkey season and Justin, Tom White and I were packed into the blind with our armloads of gear by 6 am.

   As we organized our gear in the dark the first gobbles thundered from the roost and I knew all the time we spent scouting was going to pay off. As daylight was breaking Justin saw a large dark "blob" drop from the whiteoaks and disapear into the thick underbrush. Minutes later a giant longbeard stepped out of the timber into the field at 40 yards and immediately went into full strut after eyeing up our decoys, a carry lite pretty boy equipped with a real jake fan and the pretty girl.

   As I hit record on the video camera that longbeard began to strut our direction, until a real hen entered the field and cut him off. They put on quite a show as he strutted in circles around her while he kept chasing off a love sick jake. The hen finally gave in and layed in the grass signaling for that big Gobbler to breed her.

   As the hen stood back up that Gobbler looked at our decoys once again as I let out a few lovesick yelps with my new Commando Hunting Products Pro Staff Friction call. That was all it took and he decided that no jake was going to steal his hens so he covered that 40 yards on a run and stopped 2 steps outside the blind facing off with the decoys. I looked at Justin who had to turn in an awkward position to get a bead on that Gobbler and urged him to shoot whenever he was ready. As the camera was rolling Justin sent a swarm of #5 shot at that Gobbler, dropping him in his tracks!

   After all the high fives we exited the blind to admire the bird at which time we found that he was a giant, weighing 25 pounds with a 10 inch beard and 1 1/8 inch spurs! 





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