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Don't give up on that late season buck!

   With the whitetail rut coming to an end mature buck sightings are definately falling fast. But that is no reason to give up and park yourself on your couch. The giant bucks are still out there you just have to change your strategy and hunt harder and smarter. The bucks are run down from the rigors of the rut and the trolling period and will predictably be visiting food sources, which if your lucky is an agriculture field you have permission to hunt, or if your like me we must locate any acorns still on the ground and honeysuckle patches.
   The one big advantage we do have is knowing when the deer are going to visit these food sources. Why sit for hour after hour without seeing a single deer in an area you know is loaded with deer, when you can pinpoint there movement by following the moon!
  Believe me, I used to be a skeptic whenever someone told me that they could predict deer movement so I would ignore any advice and sit for hour after hour wondering why one day I would see deer all morning or evening and a few days later not a single animal had come by me. That is until I studied up on how the moon affects animal movement patterns. I read everything I could find and then I put what I read to the test by doing real world observations in the actual areas I hunt. If what I read was correct the deer would get on their feet twice a day for 2 to 3 hours at a time, 12 hours apart, when the moon was positioned directly overhead and then again when the moon was underfoot.
   Because of my job, which involves driving around 8 hours a day and working three different rotating shifts, I have the advantage of being able to observe deer at all times of the day and night. Over the past four year I have kept a log of deer movement each day and then compared that movement to the Moon Chart. What I found was that the moon chart was dead on except for two exceptions. The first being when a storm front was moving in, then the deer were up and feeding no matter what position the moon was in. And second only applied to bucks during the rut and trolling period. During this time the does still followed the moon chart perfectly however I saw bucks running all day long.
   These observations completely changed the way I now hunt and have resulted in harvesting a number of great bucks and alot more sleep. Why would I get up before daylight and sit in my stand all morning and not see a single deer when I can follow the Moon Chart and wait till 11 am for the noon movement time.
   And I always have the same response to fellow hunters who don't believe a word of this....... Then just keep doing what your doing, it will leave more giant bucks for me to chase out there!    

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