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Do You Maximize Your Time in the Woods?

Do You Maximize Your Time in the Woods??

We all know that “one guy” that just makes it happen while hunting. “If there is a big deer in the county, he’ll walk by your friend” or “I am hunting a new spot, in the tree next to your friend” or “Your friend could hunt a county intersection and the big tom would pick that time to cross the road”.

Sure, there is an element of luck involved in hunting and fishing, but diligent preparation is also a critical factor.  On a recent coyote hunt in the dead of winter, being able to stay put, limit movement, and log long hours were significant factors in our success.  There are many options for today’s’ hunter, clothing, scent control, and footwear,  all contribute to a hunters’ ability to be able to spend more daylight time in the woods, than in your hunting cabin. 

It is most critical for me to be warm, comfortable, and have full range of motion when I am in the field.  There are new, innovative products out there that can make it much more comfortable to spend additional time in the woods.  Keeping my feet warm is always my biggest challenge.  When my feet are cold, it makes it extremely difficult for me to concentrate and stay in my stand.  My recipe for comfort is the new ThermaCell Pro Flex heated insoles, inside the LaCrosse Hunt Pac 10” boots.  This is an extremely effective combination which enables me to stay on stand a lot longer than in years past.  In our particular Missouri County, there were a lot of bucks moving in early November during the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  I would venture a guess there were lots of hunters already in the warmth of their hunting buildings, missing out on this critical point in time when the big bucks moved.

Another “must have” for warmer weather hunting is a ThermaCell repellant.  This is a very low cost option to rid your immediate hunting area of mosquitoes and black flies while turkey hunting in the spring, and early bow deer season.  It is the single most important item I make certain is in my back pack.  Bugs can really be aggravating while in the field and will certainly distract your concentrating on spotting turkeys, deer, and coyotes.

To be successful on your hunts, consider taking advantage of the technology and products that enhance your ability to stay put, as long as you can.  It really is my goal to minimize movement and maximize my time in the woods/stand.  Longer stays can only increase your opportunity to succeed.  Reflecting back on your 2014 outdoor season, did you put in the hours needed to be successful?  If not, was your personal discomfort the primary reason?

Respectfully:  Joe

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