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Mother's Day

Motherís Day and Fishing

One would have to wonder what does Motherís Day have to do with fishing and how could anyone in their right mind put them together in one article. Well I hope to show you through my guiding experience and days on the water that women are very much into fishing and as one would figure many are certainly mothers and deserve recognition for their involvement in fishing as well as being a parent.

Just to give you some figures based on my best guess every year I guide somewhere around 50 women in my boat on an annual bases; many of course are with their spouse or significant other but many times there is a single or a couple of die-hard women fisherman fishing together. I can also say without a doubt many of the women I have fished with in the boat are better fisherman than their male counter-part. They present baits with the thought and precision of an experienced angler and listen to advice very well. The thing is most women in the boat actually out fish their male partner on my guide trips because of one very important trait; women have great patience. The thing they lack some is time on the water because as most women do they make less time for fishing than men and it shows only in their casting skills. Everything else, bait presentation, patience, understanding and natural ability they out shine most and there is one very good reason; women are very competitive but they control their emotions in most cases allowing them to be consistent and catch fish with-out being intimidated by their partner. Most men want to out fish their partner and they get irritated and miss fish if their wife catches a fish first during an outing. Needless to say I have had some very interesting outings in my boat where the women out fishes the man and the competitiveness of the man over comes their emotions.

Point of all this is very clear to me take your mother/wife/ significant other fishing as Motherís Day present you will be surprised at her resolve, patience and maybe ability to catch fish and have a day of doing something different with you that you may never have expected. Donít under estimate her resolve and abilities to put some natural angler tactics and natural fish catching together and enjoy a day on the water.

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