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High percentage Fishing

High Percentage Fishing

Over years of fishing there is one common thread that I can come back too when looking to catch fish especially in a tournament. The pure fact that one area looks similar to another does not always give the same results. Let me give you an example; I like to fish hard turns in contours, meaning areas where the depth level breaks and turns abruptly with almost a 180 degree change.

This contour change is just an ideal spot to hold fish that are holding against under water points; you find a spot like this and every time you stop on it you catch a few fish this becomes a high percentage spot or way point on your Lowrance unit. After you catch a few fish off this High Percentage Spot (HPS) you leave it to go to something similar, another hard turn in the contour but you donít repeat the bite; all the elements seem to be the same but the results are different. Obviously there was some subtle reason that the HPS holds fish; it could be current, some under water object, a patch of grass or maybe a stump that holds the fish. The HPS held fish but the similar pattern did not; a lesson to be learned not all patterns repeat themselves and spot fishing can sometimes be very productive when you just need a bite.

HPS fishing is many times what professionals do in these big money tournaments; itís a way to attack spots move on quickly and waist as little time as possible. This can be the difference in a good tournament angler and one that just competes; here is how I reference them on my Lowrance GPS. All of the new electronics are capable of making way points in different colors; when I have a HPS I mark it in a different color on my Lowrance allowing me to know quickly that this spot has to be fished from an exact angle, or with a certain lure and slowing down on this spot can be a difference maker.

HPS fishing can make you a better angler and give you more productive time on the water.

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