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February Might Just be Different

Every year as we progress from winter to spring the elements affects the lake in many different ways; this year appears to be headed to one we will not forget! Itís been many years since we have had such a warm January leading us into some big changes for February.

My suggestion is you might want to consider some early vacation as the best fishing might be early this year as compared to many of the past years. There is already plenty of green grass indicating that the lake will not completely die off this year; suggesting the grass will thicken on the lake earlier than many of the past years. Generally the grass as it dies pulls away from the bottom where we have a period of about a month that itís hard to find grass I donít believe we will see this; the grass is just too green in many places.

I also believe we are seeing some of the big fish already starting to spawn, even though their biological clock is not ready the warming water temps are pushing them to move up for the spawn. The bigger fish always seem to spawn earlier and this year it appears it will be February instead of March. To some degree I believe we saw some early spawning last year, and it benefited the lake with lots of small fish showing up this past fall.

One of my favorite March patterns is buzz bait fishing I look for this to be a February pattern that should yield great results around the grass and primrose that will surface very quickly over the next few weeks. Look for scattered grass with openings that you can work a Picasso buzz bait around the edges; as it thickens go to the SPRO frog and you will see some great early blow ups. Check your Navionics mapping for shallow areas around deep water that may hold grass near the surface; take some idle time movement over the top with your Lowrance HDS and see if the grass appears near the surface like within a foot. This will be ideal buzz bait area you should have some early fun on top!

Different year ahead might yield some early fun!

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